Sunday, 1 October 2006

Andy Xie resigns

Morgan Stanley's Global Economic Forum won't be as much fun to read from now on.

From Reuters/Yahoo! News:

Morgan Stanley's star Asia analyst Andy Xie has left the firm to embark on a new career elsewhere, the U.S. investment bank and an industry source said on Sunday.

Xie, whose widely-read reports on the Chinese economy have boosted Morgan Stanley's image in the region, tendered his resignation last week and had left the firm as of Friday, said Hong Kong-based spokeswoman Po-ling Cheung.

"An internal memo was sent out (on Friday) informing employees that he has resigned from the firm," she said by telephone. "He has left the firm," she added.

Hong Kong-based Xie confirmed the news by telephone, but declined to say what he would do next.

A source close to Morgan Stanley said Xie would likely join another firm in the industry in the near future. Another source said he could become involved with the fund management sector.

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Andy has always been a favorite read of mine :(

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